Movement based storytelling.
EST. 2021

Novel Dance Company is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the education, recreation, and professional development of dance.

Our mission in action presents through an annual large scale performance; our 2024 performance is titled 'Its all a F*kn Lie'

March 9th 2024

Its all a F*kn Lie is a dance performance that flips reality on its head, revealing the absurdity of our existence while drawing inspiration from the philosophy of mindfulness and the transience of life. With a dash of irreverence and a healthy dose of humor, this dance extravaganza will have audiences laughing, questioning, and embracing the chaos of the present moment.

Made possible under CXF The Platform, a residency & grant program provided by The Medium and the Tyson Family Foundation.

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"Raw emotion, hard work reflected in Novel Dance Co. performance; Dancers collaborate for message of resilience" by Becca Martin-Brown

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"Novel Dance Co. plans for year-end celebration" hosted by Jason Suel

Key Contacts:

Lyle Oberman

Founder / Artistic Director
(201) 925-7911

Cynthia D Tran

In House Photographer
(951) 288-6656

Marissa Culbreath

Dancer / Performer
(479) 685-1813

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